The Heat of the Summer

Rising Creek Digressions VIII – a weekly (sometimes) bucolic blog by Tim Hare

As we have passed the solstice and turn the corner of summer I felt inspired to write a poem to summer’s generosity, and gravity – to the need for the hard work of cultivating food to continue while most others take vacations. This summer is a unique one, most definitely one to be taken seriously. Speaking of which, stay tuned for next week’s Fourth of July special!


Summer In All Seriousness

Summer is for the sun

For the great flame

Don’t take this the wrong way, but

I assure you

That fire makes summer


Fire in the furnace

This is the stuff

Of growth


Summertime is

Make it

Or break-time


Half of the year, days grow longer

New rays of light

Add day to night


Half of the year, days grow shorter

Each passing day

Swaps stars for sunlight

Contraction for expansion

Obscuration over illumination


Light dwindles yet

Ahead we have

The hardest days


We tread our way

Against the most powerful forces

After the summer solstice

Half-way to the solace

Of still winter


Start now

We can begin to take things seriously

Because if not now?


If a bee wants honey

Fly now


If a farmer wants a harvest




The Farmette’s summer schedule is now packed with dinners, volunteer groups, weddings, our weekly farm stand, and other inspired gatherings and we’re looking forward to sharing in the frenzied summer celebrations with you all.

As the days grow shorter after the solstice, some things have had a way of easing off and lightening up, while others have a way of picking up. Folks are feeling a need to keep working hard, especially as the dry-spell lingers on, but also enjoying kicking back by the creek, partaking in the upcoming music festivals, or heading out on nearby trails, rocks, and rivers. We still need a lot of help in the fields, so please join us during volunteer days. We’d also encourage folks to make Sunday a local produce shopping day and come on down to our stand for seasonally available foods. And foods most definitely become more fun as the summer moves along, with cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes dropping their tasty fruits.

Enjoy your Fourth of July!


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